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(Taken from workshop feedback forms)

A sampling of some of the leadership development workshops I offer. They can vary in duration and depth, depending on your preference. I customize a wide variety of trainings and workshops, based on your needs. Inquire with me to discuss your needs and interests.


  • A Strengths-Based Approach To Leading From Within
  • The Magic Of Living Your Life’s Purpose
  • Up Your Game Through Coaching
  • F The Fear And Do It Anyway
  • The Magic Of Unleashing Your Inner Superstar
  • “Create The Year You Want” Vision Board workshop
  • F The Fear And Make It A Great Year
  • Freshstart: Kick Off The New Year Right!  
  • Have More Meaning And Get More Done At Work With A Values-Based Approach
  • On The Job: navigating change in stressful times
  • “Dare To Dream!” pro bono workshops for at-risk teens in NYC
  • Compassionate Communication: the fundamentals of authentic connection (pro bono workshops for the vegan animal advocacy community)

Things people say about Dani’s workshops

“It was PERFECT. Dani had an excellent ability to understand the people and dynamics involved with our team. She created a safe and comfortable environment for people to share while encouraging us to express our individuality and personalities. She was insightful, inspirational, engaging and had great energy and we all did more sharing than I expected we were capable of!” ~Mackenzie DeVito, CEO, No Bones Beach Club LLC, Chicago, IL (designed and facilitated a daylong offsite for the CEO and her management team, 2020)

“Dani, thank You so much! Wow. I got so much out of the workshop last night. I think you know I am skeptical about these things, but it was really great. Really empowering and motivating. I took several active steps today because of what I learned from last night. I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday when I had arrived, and I feel like the fog is starting to lift. I don’t want to sound like a corny commercial, but this shit really works. You are awesome!” ~Dan Shaner ~Casting Director, Los Angeles, CA (“F the Fear and Do It Anyway” workshop, 2012)

“What a wonderful day spent with Dani showing us how to dream! Going through those growth exercises was incredibly insightful and then creating the vision board was an amazing experience. Again, Dani, many, many thanks! It reminded me to never stop dreaming. And sharing this experience with fellow women entrepreneurs was so powerful – Dani, you ROCK!!!” ~Jan McCarthy, Marketing Director & Franchise Owner of Ladies Who Launch – Los Angeles & Orange County, CA (2010)

“I highly recommend anyone looking to reach their higher potential to drop in on one of Dani’s Group Coaching Sessions for Women! I left the last session feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have been more productive, taking more deliberate action and second-guessing my self less. The women Dani attracts to her group are amazing, inspiring, and so giving, which is a gift in itself. I will be back and look forward to more breakthroughs that I’m sure I will have from working with Dani and the rest of the lovely women in her group.” ~Summer Johnson, Co-founder and co-owner of Goddess Body Boot Camp, Los Angeles, CA

“I was very impressed with the level of intimacy of the group, mainly due to Dani’s coaching talents. I am coming away from this workshop feeling inspired, motivated and challenged. Yay!” -Jackie R., New York, NY  (2009)

“As the current President of ICF Los Angeles, I have had the privilege of witnessing Dani Rukin speak before groups ranging from 10-100 people. Every time I hear her speak, I am impressed by how she captivates and holds her audience with her presence, quick wit, and spontaneous pearls of wisdom. When Dani gets in front of a group, she reads the room well, intuitively knowing how to guide the conversation, when to highlight learning moments, and how to help the audience shift from thinking about the topic to getting into action. Dani does not just stand in front of a group – she moves with and through her audience to personally engage people, drawing them into the conversation with her upbeat energy, insightful questions, and humor. Dani uses her charisma to challenge people to not accept the status quo of their lives. She is a powerful coach, speaker, and facilitator of what’s possible! It is a privilege to partner with her on the ICFLA Board of Directors, and to learn from her!”  ~Leah Wang, President – International Coach Federation (ICFLA) – Los Angeles chapter (2012)

“I met Dani shortly after our organization had an unprecedented loss of physicians. Never before had so many doctors left the Clinic in such a short period of time. It proved to be not only damaging to our organization from a financial standpoint but was also very demoralizing for those who stayed on. That’s when we first started to plan a retreat to celebrate those of us who chose to continue to serve the mission of the Clinic, “To provide quality health care to those in need”. Thanks to Dani, the retreat succeeded beyond all expectations. She led us through an exploration of our personal values, which for most of us originally led us to work with the underserved.

The time we spent together that morning, although only a few hours,  emphasized our commonality and celebrated our shared values and motivations. We spoke  of our strengths and our uniqueness; we all learned something new about one another. I was amazed that she was able to walk in without having met our group of providers before and lead us through a truly transformational process together! The first question people had after the retreat was “when are we going to do this again?” I can’t thank her enough for bringing her phenomenal skills as a facilitator, leader and coach to our group of providers. We still feel the positive effects months later! I look forward to our continued work together in the future.” ~Karen Lamp, MD, Medical Director, Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles, CA (May 2013)

“A big thanks to Dani Rukin for the expertly-led LWT career development session, ‘A Strengths-based Approach to Leading from Within’ workshop yesterday evening! We had a great time discussing leadership and identifying our strengths…and their very measurable impact on others! Whether you need to energize a room, become a better leader, or navigate a career crossroads, Dani is an excellent resource for helping with the process. She is also a sure hand as a discussion moderator and brings out the best in people around her. Thank you, Dani, for your contribution of this excellent workshop and overall positive impact on LWT-PDX. Those who didn’t make it really missed out!” ~Jenny Stoffel, City Director – Portland chapter, Lesbians Who Tech (LWT) (October 2014)

“Thank You soo much, Dani! I already knew your were amazing, but I really didn’t truly know how wonderful and inspiring you are until going through this workshop with you! I Love what I have learned from you and walked away with more than I had expected. Thank you again!!” ~Kitty P., Los Angeles, CA  (2010)

“I want to thank you, Dani, for such a wonderful experience doing my first vision board – I enjoyed it very much, it was awesome! It really felt that each one of us in the group benefited from looking within and going beyond to accomplish what each one of us wants and deserve, we just have to believe and never forget to give back. Each one of us has the ability – all we need is the will, a plan, and the power to put that plan into action and that’s what I feel I came away with. Once again, thanks!” ~Beatriz R., Los Angeles, CA  (2010)

“I had the great fortune to participate in one of Dani’s workshops. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into or even what to expect.  I had my own reservations but agreed with myself that I would be open to what was being presented. Dani exuded warmth, love, and a totally caring and compassionate attitude for each woman who was present for the session. In her own gifted way she broke down internal barriers that we each held inside of us. Through the exercises I was able to connect with the person who has been inside waiting patiently to shine on the outside. To verbally and mentally acknowledge that I treat others better than I did myself. Most importantly too me, was to see those important relationships in my life (my husband, my kids, my friends, my extended family) and to get off the roller coaster of life and enjoy them . . . work will still be there, but my relationships will eventually fade away.

We each created a vision board as part of our session. What a BLAST! It was my first vision board, but won’t be my last. I brought it back to Guam and have it placed on the wall behind my computer monitor so that it catches my eye. Inevitably it brings a huge smile to face, causes me to stop and reminisce about our time together and reminds me to not be so serious. If you’re living everyday with a fuzzy vision about who you are or what you should be doing then a session (or more) with Dani will surely bring clarity to your everyday life. With her gifted way Dani will “get” who you are and show you how to be that person. You’ll laugh, cry, get mad, put up a barrier and knock it down, but when it’s all done . . . you’ll be a better you with pristine vision.  Spend some time with Dani, you won’t regret it!” ~Johnnie M. Voegtly – U.S. Air Force, Yigo, Guam  (2010)

“I just wanted to thank you Dani for such an insightful workshop. I learned so much about myself that is sure to help me. I’ve been thinking about the event ever since I left – that is how awesome it was. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!” ~Claudia F., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much, Dani, for creating such an informative workshop – it was such an intellectually stimulating experience for me. You are brilliant!” ~Meilin L., Los Angeles, CA (2010)

“I had been meaning to create a vision board for some time, but never seemed to get around to it. Dani’s workshop not only got me working on my board, but it guided me through all the important work you have to do before you even get started so that your end product is a true representation of what you want to manifest. I highly recommend it.” ~Kate H., Brooklyn, NY  (2009)

“Thanks Dani for a great afternoon with you and other powerful, thoughtful, caring, vision creating human beings. You created a warm and supportive environment that allowed me to feel comfortable sharing those most important things, yet often not spoken about in public – my dreams! And did I mention that we had a lot of fun too!” ~Martie M., Brooklyn, NY  (2009)

“At first, I was skeptical about a Vision Board workshop; it sounded way too “New-Age” for me. While there, I discovered something very pragmatic about discovering gratitude and tackling problems from a life-affirming viewpoint. My initial leeriness was conquered when I realized the workshop was essentially an exercise in positive reinforcement and gave greater focus on my personal goals. It helped me realize where I was wasting precious time and how many of my desires were interconnected. I would do it again.” ~ D.L.Y., Brooklyn, NY  (2009)

“Part of the great value you delivered was in bringing together a diverse and dynamic group of participants, and encouraging us to learn from each other.” ~Jezra K., Brooklyn, NY

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