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“Dani’s been my coach for over 4 years, and in that time I’ve transitioned from individual developer to team lead, division engineering lead, and finally, interim head of our company’s new Applied AI division.

Along the way there have been many twists and turns in my personal and professional life: injuries, bereavement, divorce, parenting challenges, burnout, a pandemic, and so much more. When I look back at how far I’ve come and the setbacks I’ve worked through I can’t help but think of Dani and how she has been by my side through all of it. Without Dani’s help I may have survived but instead I have thrived, and that is a precious gift.

The end result is that I am able to tackle problems head-on rather than hiding from them, and I have more confidence in my decisions.She also really engages with my entrepreneurial side helping not just with work but also with personal decisions (which ultimately impact my work) and take a holistic view of my life.

It’s great to have a thought partner who has known me through many ups and downs and can help me adapt and continue pursuing my goals. I highly recommend Dani to anyone who needs a coach who can embrace all aspects of their life and work, while at the same time armed with powerful tools that light the path forward.”  Daniel Walmsley, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Automattic – Nevada City, CA (2023)

“Working with Dani for almost 2 years has been nothing short of a transformational experience.  She has not only up-leveled my skill sets as a leader, but also as a human being which has permeated through my personal life and changed my internal narrative for the better.

I chose Dani as my coach because of 1) her certification in and knowledge of PQ (positive intelligence) – which is an incredibly powerful framework and toolset, 2) her background in improv which means she brings an open, creative, and curious (‘yes, and!’) attitude to the table, and 3) Most importantly, her approach focuses on bringing out the best version of yourself, and already building upon your existing strengths.

Dani is incredibly effective at guiding and pulling out the answers you have been seeking — all by helping you to realize them vs. doling out advice. She listens and asks thoughtful questions, and helps you to reframe challenges and situations.  She empowers you with a variety of tools and daily exercises including self-reflection to help practice new approaches.

Oftentimes, days or even weeks after one of our sessions I’ll realize out of the blue how effective and powerful her work is and I’ll think to myself “how does she do it??”. She is a magic maker, but what she really does is help you to pull out the magic you already have within you.  

She has helped unblock areas of my life related to imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear of speaking up, and scarcity mindset.  She talked through my experiences and helped me unpack and reframe these mental hurdles and explore other “ways of being.”  Imposter syndrome and perfectionism were always something I thought was an innate part of myself, and never anything I imagined I could “be” without those two things by my side.  Through our sessions and the tools she has provided, she has helped me permanently let go of those damaging mindsets. I feel a great sense of relief and transformation daily because of it, and it’s truly been both personally and professionally life-changing.

Overall, Dani has helped me shift into a curious and growth-focused mindset that leaves me energized at the end of the day and working towards possibilities instead of fearing worst case scenarios. She has helped me have a much calmer presence on the day to day which has benefited not only me, but with situations at work, my relationship with family and friends, and strengthened my relationship and communication with my husband.  She helps bring out the innate wisdom we all carry within us, but that has been buried for a long time.

I’m very grateful to have Dani in my life as my coach, and highly recommend her!”  Beth K., VP of Revenue Operations, Automattic/Tumblr – Austin, TX (2023)

“In the 2+ years that Dani and I have been working together, her guidance and advice has absolutely been a ‘success catalyst” for me, directly contributing to faster goal achievement and career progression than I ever could have imagined on my own. Her deep listening and inquiry-led approach have helped me hone in on my strengths in a unique corporate context. I have also appreciated empathy-driven role playing that enabled me to navigate complex transitions with grace.”  Clara Lee VP, Product & Operations, Automattic – Seattle, WA (2022)  

“I came to Dani in a moment of career crisis. I was in a very stable job with Goldman Sachs for 7+ years but I had become increasingly unhappy every month and I had just gotten an offer to fly across the country for a dream job in Silicon Valley which, for a New Yorker like me, was a less-than-dream location. I felt that I needed an objective and professional third party opinion to help me make this decision – a career coach – and, when a friend gave me Dani’s name I decided to take the plunge and contact her.

As it turned out, I got much more out of my work with Dani than just help with that one decision. She helped me tease apart what it was that I really wanted from my career and my life. She helped me face my fears about taking risks and figure out what was really important to me.

Within 6 months I left my secure, but unfulfilling job for the excitement of going for something that seemed like a pipe dream. Less than a year later, I am now the VP of my department. My work with Dani is now focused on my leadership role as well as developing and growing my team as leaders.

Working with her I have grown from someone who was frequently angry and anxious to someone who seeks to find the positive in everyone and every situation. I’ve formed stronger bonds with those around me thanks to her help, and I’ve finally found my creative voice and am bringing that to the forefront with weekly blogs on my specialized area of knowledge.

I feel like I can really conquer any challenge that life puts in front of me. With her I have become far more than I ever dreamed possible and it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

In the meantime, I also got married to a wonderful man, am about to have our first baby, and we move into our newly purchased home next month. Thank you, Dani!” Camille Fournier, former CTO, Rent The Runway, (2014) former Managing Director, Two Sigma, Currently Managing Director, Head of Engineering and Architecture CIB, JPMorgan Chase & Co, New York, New York [author of The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change]

“I started working with Dani about six months ago after a referral from a coworker. I had been struggling to navigate through a very demanding new position and was starting to think I was in way over my head.  It was affecting every aspect of my life. I had a problem, but I couldn’t see it. Working with Dani has helped me change my perspective of the world around me. This shift has allowed me to break down barriers with people I thought I could never work with, and stop seeing people as obstacles that I needed to overcome. The result has been incredibly transformative, both professionally and personally. I can’t recommend her enough.”  Jon H., Senior DB Engineer, Netflix – Redondo Beach, CA (2022)

“When I started to explore leadership coaching, I met with 3 different coaches. I selected Dani because I wanted someone that was going to push me out of my comfort zone and drive me to be better and make some changes. In Dani’s bio there were a few words and sentences that stood out to me. ‘Inspiring’ ‘connection’ ‘wake people up to their full potential’ ‘identify and engage strengths’ ‘getting honest about how they get in their own way.’ My goal from coaching was to be better at connection with colleagues and family, communicate better, regulate my emotions and to stop getting in my own way with my saboteur mindset. It was clear after the initial call that Dani was the right person to take me on this journey.

She creates a safe space to work on myself. I never feel judged, and she always looks at scenarios and helps me unpack how I want to be better at them. This has never been Dani telling me how I ‘should’ act, it has been Dani understanding what values I hold dearest and how I want to show up as the best version of myself. Dani has allowed me to work through challenges both personally and professionally, and has allowed me to have good and bad days, and she constantly reminds me that everything I feel is a human emotion.

In the 12 months we have worked together I have accomplished so much and have achieved many of my initial goals. I step out of this process more well-rounded, more confident in myself and proud of how I show up in situations. I communicate better and I set better boundaries to manage burnout and stress. I can regulate my emotions and my reactions better and I have a more positive mindset. I have the skills now to navigate challenging situations in a much more positive way. Both my personal and professional life are much better since I started coaching with Dani.”  Natasha Wright, Global Strategic Account Director – WordPress VIP – Lancashire, UK October (2023)

“Dani is masterful at tapping into your creative powers and providing a path to unleash them out unto the world. Working with her created a cascade of epiphanies and ‘ahas’; what I found most remarkable was that she never handed me those answers, but was just *that* good at eking out the answers I already possessed. Dani’s mix of tough-love, humor, inspiration, and leading-by-example has propelled me to be my very best self, working toward a long-term vision through shorter-term, manageable strategies, daily habits, and the tools needed to kick fear right in the butt. If you are ready to disrupt your life and make a dent in history, there’s no better partner-in-crime than Dani to help get you there.”  Mara Abrams, Managing Director, U.S. Census Bureau | Entrepreneur | Global Partnerships + Innovation  Consultant / Global Partnerships Manager, Nike Foundation – Washington, DC (2016)

“A little over a year ago, I started leadership coaching with Dani and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s what I said I wanted in 3 years’ time:

More confidence in myself as a leader. I wanted to stop second guessing myself all the freaking time. More comfort taking risks and stepping outside my comfort zone. I wanted to shake my fear of failure and not being accepted. A job where I feel fulfilled every day. Up-skilling in how to better develop people and build teams at scale. Becoming a more patient and relaxed parent to my 3 kids; not getting so caught up in needing to plan or control everything.

Here’s what I got, in less than 1 year: All of that. A sense of purpose and direction for my life and work. Compassion for who I am and who I am not. Self-acceptance.

It’s impossible to put a price on these things. Co-Active coaching works! Thank you, Dani.”  Anne F., former Director of Growth Marketing/current Leadership Development Manager, Automattic – Dayton, OH (2021)

“Dani has been my executive coach since 2013. I can honestly say she has been one of the most influential people in my life. Dani is one of the most well-read, well-informed people I know. She is kind yet helps me hold myself accountable. My measure of success is the level of fulfillment and happiness I feel across all aspects of my life: personal relationships, career, emotional/mental health, career success, financial prosperity, physical health etc. Even though I started working with Dani focused on career coaching, I have come to rely on her for all dimensions of my life. Dani has helped me condition myself to embrace challenge in ways that I was never able to before. The results have been remarkable. My career has accelerated significantly in the last 3 years. My life is not perfect, but who’s is? Nevertheless, I feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled than ever before. The most valuable skill Dani has taught me is the skill to be happy and fulfilled. I feel energetic, prosperous, healthy and surrounded by love. I feel thankful for all that I have and forever grateful for having Dani in my corner.”  Reza Firouzbakht, Business Strategist, Chief Digital Reinvention Officer (senior partner) – IBM, Seattle, WA (2018)

“I sought coaching as I took on increased leadership and began to run into specific relationships and structures that were blocking my effectiveness and learning. I met with various coaches and Dani immediately grasped the challenges I was facing and was able to quickly introduce tools, techniques and themes that allowed me to meet my immediate challenges and position me for further growth.

Dani has the ability to take something I’ve said (usually in a less-than-clear way) and mirror it back to me in a form that not only summarizes my ideas accurately, but unlocks the notions behind my words and provokes further thought. She is also experienced, both in terms of raw expertise and certification in a number of techniques and assessment tools, but, almost more importantly, in terms of her ability to unlock potential and growth in a wide variety of people. She is also just really fun to be around.

It is no coincidence that my time working with Dani has also been my most impactful and productive at work. I’ve launched three teams in the last two years, all of which have or will have a significant impact on our business. In a very real way, the pace and nature of my accomplishments have been augmented by my work with Dani.

From a personal point of view, I’ve changed some important habits and scripts that were holding me back as an effective leader. Among the personal changes:

* Dani has helped me achieve new levels of iterative thinking. Through constant (sometimes daily) tracking of personal impact and progress, I’m now able to course-correct much more rapidly.

*Dani has helped me devote more of my focus to what is impactful and within my control and less to losing of eternal battles. I’ve become much much better in deciding what is and is not my job, and where to focus my limited resources.

*Dani has helped me more clearly articulate, in advance, what exactly I want to accomplish and achieve in the medium-term future.

She is a pleasure to work with.  She is well-organized, friendly and professional. Also she is fun. Did I mention fun?

I have a much much clearer idea of where my medium-term career pathway is heading and feel a new sense of control and peace over my longer-term trajectory.

Leadership/executive coaching with Dani has been a journey towards greater insight, peace and effectiveness in my career. This process is career-long and will never end, but the particular role of the work Dani and I’ve done, and continue to do, has been to accelerate personal change during major professional transitions.

I would highly recommend the coaching process to anyone undergoing change in their career, or anyone who finds themselves at a juncture where the approach that got you to where you are is not the same that will allow for further progress. None of us are born knowing where our path leads, nor how to walk it. Coaching, for me, has been a means to discover at least a little more about both.”  Matt Perry, Head of Enterprise Engineering Services, WordPress/VIP – Seattle, WA (2022)  

“Working with Dani is like crossing the line running the NYC marathon.  I came to Dani for what began as a career exploration that immediately transformed into a life quest for better intimacy with my husband, exploring my own creativity, and committing to a life I value.

Within three months, I landed a 6 figure job (in this challenging economy), dramatically improved my relationship with my husband and self (the most profound element of our work together), took a vacation on principal rather than finances (it was more romantic than our honeymoon!), and inspired my husband and I to launch our own jewelry line – and, in general, just came ‘unstuck.’

If you’re a bright person but caught up in the fault lines of your life, I can’t recommend Dani enough. She brings humor, candidness and conviction to the relationship. She makes personal growth simplistically evolutionary.  She lets you just be you.  But she also beckons the dreams you’re afraid to say aloud much less pursue. She aids you in envisioning and realizing the person you want to be.

Dani saved me from completely imploding.  I just didn’t know how to bring balance, symmetry and femininity to my new marriage, demanding career and personal aspirations. And, although my husband has never met her, he thinks she’s a Wizard!

She’ll make you work but she’ll lead you to what you want out of your life, no joke. I’ve never been happier.”  Valerie B., Director of Client Relations, Global Design Studio – Los Angeles, CA (2011)

“Prior to meeting Dani, I had the world all figured out. I was the youngest Director in company history; looking to take my career to the C-level with maximum velocity. I wasn’t happy, but convinced myself a big title and pay day would be worth the misery.

I was referred to Dani to coach me into the C-level and what she did instead was save me from an eternity of madness.

From the moment you meet Dani, you will be touched, moved and inspired by her enthusiasm and commitment. She helped me break through major barriers in why I was underperforming in all aspects of my life. For the first time I was challenged to show up and be the cause in my life and we had a lot of fun in the process. Every breakdown is a perfect opportunity for a breakthrough.

Dani does not provide tips and tricks to dance around issues. She exposes unworkability and creates permanent transformation. As a result of being coached by Dani, I’m not better at living; I have an amazing life that I create every day. The direct measurable results that I attribute to my time with Dani are as follows:

Engaged to the most amazing woman.
Left an unsatisfying career to creating my dream job.
30% increase and pay and benefits while working fewer hours (in just 12 months).
Created multiple personal projects that have touched over 1,000 lives.
Built a scholarship fund that is sending single mothers to school.
Taken on a part-time pro bono coaching.
Broke through my fear and took a 3-week vacation of a lifetime.”  Josh H. – Technology Leader (Beer Brewer, Difference Maker), Amazon – Seattle, WA (2017)

“Dani has the most infectious and honest energy. She is hard not to like, and in a space that can often be perceived as “woo woo” and intimidating, she has a knack for making her clients feel comfortable.

Dani did not shy away from asking me the hard questions and provided the prompts that helped me feel a sense of autonomy in my journey backed by her steadfast reports. Her salient prompts and exercises were a catalyst in building momentum for me in the right direction. 

It’s been just over a year since some intense work with Dani and I want to share with the world the value coaching with Dani brought to my life.  What I know for sure is that my way of being in the world has completely shifted, in direct correlation to the work that was started in my coaching journey. I realized that I was so desperately unhappy in my career because I had lost myself in burnout and the rat race. Without my sense of self, I would never be satisfied or fulfilled. Dani guided me with actionable steps to go from lost to found. She helped me plant seeds that the last year have germinated and blossomed. My career is still challenging (when isn’t it), but I feel light, I feel grounded, I feel happy, I feel home. 

What I appreciated about Dani was that she stepped into my shoes and took the time to figure out what would motivate me. She quickly discovered my love for reading and made some excellent reading recommendations that helped guide my journey. She was patient but did not shy from the hard truths. When the time came to be brave and face my truth, she supported me. 

Coaching with Dani has completely changed my life. It’s changed how I approach my career and how I see work. I have found confidence and a voice that I haven’t had before. Sincerely and with utmost gratitude.” Tyler S., Strategic BizOps and Executive Assistant for the Executive Leadership Team at WordPress VIP – SF Bay Area, CA (2023)

“Not long ago I faced a roadblock in my professional career and personal life. One might think that as a highly skilled mental health counselor with nearly 20 years experience working in some of the more challenging settings in public mental health I would be able to sort out my own difficulties with ease. Not so much… which isn’t unusual, really. I was referred to Dani Rukin for coaching.

Dani was brilliant. I can be a difficult client to pin down. I’m smart, highly educated and know this business very well. Dani easily managed my attempts to stay stuck on my own hamster wheel, got me out of my own way and cajoled me into actually doing the work.

She did it with humor, honed skills and equal measures of bluntness and encouragement. Her manner and presence is totally focused on moving the client toward their stated intent. She works side by side as needed, while also poking and prodding when needed.

Dani helped me address a behavior that kept me stuck, doing this without judgment or harshness. She met me where I was and helped me see how to get where I wanted to go. I had to do the work. I had to take the action. And that is her gift. Dani is a coach in the truest sense of the word; one who prompts or urges (someone) with instructions. She assesses her client, taking stock of strengths and vulnerabilities, builds on what is beneficial, adjusts for the less helpful aspects, and works with you to achieve your goal.

I use the simple techniques Dani taught me to more effectively navigate my life, creating more success and have more fulfilling relationships. If I ever find myself in my own way and stuck again, I, without hesitation, will work with Dani again.” Chip K., Mental Health Consultant, Portland OR (2016)

“Dani, you nailed it. Just two coaching sessions with you brought me so much clearing and helped me connect the dots in a whole new way. You are truly a catalyst for inner peace. I feel so much relief. I feel like there’s a life preserver out there called ‘Dani Rukin’. Thank you for being alive!” Maggy S., Brand Coach and Consultant, Annapolis, MD (2015) 

“I’m a financially conservative person and don’t go for things out of the norm, so the idea of getting a life coach was challenging for me. In retrospect, I now see that half the battle was just getting to Dani. Once you’ve found her, the work is clear if you are willing to do it. But to get to Dani, I had to reach rock-bottom first—in my career, in my personal relationships, in my general dissatisfaction with life. I had to be broken down and go through 10 therapists in order to have enough of an open mind to try coaching with Dani.

In the one year I’ve been working with her, I’ve now purchased my own place in my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan, I quit my job and got a dream one, I raised my salary substantially, and have significantly improved my most cherished relationships. Most of all, I find myself embracing problems instead of running away from them, taking responsibility for everything in my life, leaving me feeling more in control, more challenged, and just more alive.

These are all things that I wanted for myself but, for whatever reason, they just happened to occur within one year. I was dubious when I first starting coaching, but have become a full believer because my life is now proof of the magic that Dani does. She is a gifted coach and teacher who knows exactly how to push you to get results, how to ask the right questions at the right time, and how to help you see situations and possibilities in a new light.

If you’re reading this review, then you are already halfway there because you’ve found her. I know it sounds silly and unreal, but I’m living proof this works—my return on investment in coaching with Dani has been exponential, not just in dollars but in my level of happiness. If you are prepared to work and to listen, your life WILL change.” Taha E., Global Head of Strategic Communications at Marsh & McLennan, New York, NY (2014) Currently Director, Tableau Software/Saleseforce, Seattle, WA 

“I came to Dani for career and business coaching, but what I got was something much more profound. Thanks to Dani, I have become a better me. More authentic. More compassionate. More in tune with my inner wisdom. Less judgmental. Less inclined to personalize others’ behavior. Free. Joyful. Empowered.

The process has been amazing. From the first time we met, Dani led me to positively transform the relationship with each of my parents, which had been complicated by my frustrations with a number of their life choices and behaviors. “Without them lifting a finger,” Dani told me, “you can be the change that leads to the healthy, balanced relationships you seek.” I thought she was wrong. I believed they were the ones who needed to change. But by following Dani’s guidance and lovingly accepting my mother and father for who they are as individuals, rather than getting stuck in my expectations for who I wanted them to be, I freed them – and myself – from judgment. And by discovering and embracing changes within myself, rather than focusing on the changes I felt others should make, I’ve been able to transform not just my relationship with my parents, but all the significant personal and professional relationships in my life.

Although my career transition continues, I am more closely connected to my values, mission, and what I want across all aspects of my life in the years to come – essential elements before determining the right professional choice. Dani is super sharp, good-humored, and no-nonsense—challenging one through both coaching sessions and inter-sessional homework to connect deeply to one’s authentic self. Her carefully calibrated process is a life-changing experience, and I’m extremely fortunate – and grateful – that Dani has been such an important part of my destiny.”  Shane C. United States Diplomat – Paris, France (2012)

“2015 is my year!! I am doing great. I cannot really express how grateful I am to you for helping me when I was in such a bad spot – and I mean really bad spot. You really opened my mind to let go of an idea of what my life had to or “should” be. In all my years of counseling, I never got that insight into myself. So funny to me now that I was so convinced that my life was ruined because I was not married to my boys’ dad. I actually am proud to be a “bad-to-the-bone” single mom of 3 boys now. I think it’s cool. I feel proud telling people. Thanks for getting me unstuck. I will forever be grateful to you!!!! You made a true and huge difference in someone’s life…and I think that’s what it is all about. Happy new year, Dani!!!!  Sandra R., M.D., obstetrician – Boston, MA (2015)

“Dani is full of life and love. She has an uncanny ability to see the best in her clients – and challenge them to live at that very best in every area of their life. As Dani’s client for over a year, I’ve reached heights and goals that make even my own jaw drop. And the thing is, with Dani as my coach, I know this is just the beginning.”  Adrienne Coleon, Aveda, Director of Global Communications – New York, NY (2009)

“Dani helped me get out of my own way – which sounds unnecessary until you realize that you’re stuck. I’d known her for years in the neighborhood and she’d always said, “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today”. But, being stubborn, I put it off. And then I saw her magic first-hand when my husband started working with her and I watched him make so many of the changes that he’d been talking and lamenting about for years, and in a matter of a few short months – it was astounding.  So I took a chance.

For starters, I am just so much happier! My work life is more fulfilling, I’m also now volunteering with rescue animals – a crusade near and dear to my heart. I’m enjoying my family and friendships like never before, and I am diligently working on a novel that was buried deep inside me and that, before, was only a pipe dream. And, last, but not least, we’re moving to Southern California, a dream I didn’t even know I had until this process began!

Working with Dani is like having an angel on your shoulder, nice and gentle – she makes you see for yourself where you need to go. I’m telling you it’s nothing short of magic – so take her advice and mine, “Don’t put off tomorrow….”  Amy Squire, Sr. Program Officer, UNICEF – Brooklyn, NY (2012)

“Dani, you know what you are? You’re a soul and spirit oncologist. You cure people’s mind and soul cancer!!! Thank you so much!”  Lila F., D.M.D, Vancouver, BC (2016)

“My ‘gremlins’ are sitting in the corner behaving pretty damned well. I stopped fighting them. The BEST direction I have EVER gotten was you saying “Understanding is the booby prize”. F*cking game- changer. Thank you. Life is as I knew it could be: lovely and fulfilling. I have authenticity and a woman who is fiercely powerful who loves me without reservation. I am myself. What more could I ask? Thank you for the blunt forceful witness you were when I needed it.”  George K. – Portland, (2016)

“Ironically, it was my primary physician at my annual medical exam who recommended I see Dani for coaching. I was dealing with a high level of stress at work and my doctor strongly suggested that I try addressing this issue by working with Dani. Two years later, the life I have now looks nothing like the one I’d been living for so many years and I get goose bumps whenever I think about how much has changed.

When I met Dani I was engaged to be married – to the wrong guy – and I didn’t even realize it. I have now been dating a wonderful man for a year who’s so much better suited for me and someone I can see a real future with. As well, I have been promoted twice (in this economy!) and my relationship with my boss and colleagues has improved exponentially. I take a real leadership role at work in ways that were completely foreign to me before working with Dani.

I have also gotten my own wholesale business venture off the ground, something I’d been wanting to do for years, but had stayed a pipe dream until we created a real plan that actually has taken it into a revenue-generating company. All while continuing to excel in my corporate job.

Another very significant outcome from working with Dani is my relationship with my family has gone from tolerable to fully joyful – I cannot even express my gratitude for this miraculous change.

I strongly recommend coaching with Dani for anyone whether you are excelling in life or feeling that your life could use an overhaul. There is always room for improvement and raising the bar. Working with Dani has been an amazing experience and was the best “prescription” my doctor could have ever made!”  Selena R. , Senior Sales Director, New York, NY (2010)

“I was referred to Dani by a friend who, although had only been working with her for a few months, I was so impressed with her transformation in that abbreviated period that I contacted her.

When I started working with Dani, I had just ended a long-term relationship and was completely unsatisfied both personally and professionally. I had arrived at a high level executive position in the media space and, despite what seemed to be a highly coveted role, I hated every minute of what I did and struggled with the internal politics.  I oozed unhappiness.  I thought my personal unhappiness was a byproduct of my professional unhappiness, but I came to find out that it was actually the opposite as I grew to understand that my false core beliefs and the script I had been living by was generating my unhappiness all around.

Turn the page after working with Dani consistently over a year now and my life is truly unrecognizable.  She led me down a path of what not even I would have ever imagined for myself.  I have not only survived what has been deemed as one of the largest media mergers in history, but I have done so with insurmountable success beyond my wildest dreams. I am now in a role I never knew was possible for me, managing two cable networks and I now strategically navigate the politics of my work environment in my favor with authenticity, grace, and finesse. This new role has catapulted me to a new level in my professional career and has teed me up for even greater success down the road.

Ironically, the confidence I gained in accomplishing all this for myself in my workplace, when I was so deeply unhappy in that area of my life, also translated well for me in my personal life.  With Dani’s guidance, that confidence led me to get in touch with my feminine persona in relationships. Tapping into this taught me how to better relate to men personally and romantically in a way that I hadn’t known.  I’m now a ‘man magnet’ of previously unknown proportions, attracting and dating up a storm with quality men AND I’m now a newborn hero at work.

I can’t wait for what my future holds as I continue to work with Dani. I couldn’t be happier.  Pinch me!” Lisette L., NBCUniversal  ~Director, E! Entertainment and G4 Networks, Los Angeles, CA (2012) 

“As the current President of ICF Los Angeles, I have had the privilege of witnessing Dani Rukin speak before groups ranging from 10-100 people.  Every time I hear her speak, I am impressed by how she captivates and holds her audience with her presence, quick wit, and spontaneous pearls of wisdom.  When Dani gets in front of a group, she reads the room well, intuitively knowing how to guide the conversation, when to highlight learning moments, and how to help the audience shift from thinking about the topic to getting into action.  Dani does not just stand in front of a group – she moves with and through her audience to personally engage people, drawing them into the conversation with her upbeat energy, insightful questions, and humor. Dani uses her charisma to challenge people to not accept the status quo of their lives.  She is a powerful coach, speaker, and facilitator of what’s possible!  It is a privilege to partner with her on the ICFLA Board of Directors, and to learn from her!”  Leah Wang, President – International Coach Federation (ICF) -Los Angeles chapter (2012)

“Prior to meeting Dani, my pain and resignation was so great I approached life as a hardship to navigate – using anything to manage or escape the predicament of being alive. To be honest, I contacted Dani because the first coaching call was free and I could then tell my friend I had followed her recommendation and given it a try – zero risk, brownie points.

What I didn’t know was that a gift was offered to me through Dani; the gift of creating a life I love. The process involves discovery and creation – recognizing how my thoughts, and my chosen actions based off the thoughts, impact my life and the lives of those around me. That which works or hasn’t worked gets exposed then I can create new possibilities and take action from that place of power and intention.

In less than a year and a half, Dani empowered me to discover my personal truth and create a life I am grateful for and blessed to experience. I am eternally grateful for the recommendation I was given, the generosity of that first free coaching call, the risk I took in giving myself the gift of coaching, and most profoundly for Dani’s pure commitment and ability to call forth all that I honor in life.  My recommendation of Dani is my wish for you to have everything that I have gotten.”  Kris G. – San Francisco, CA (2012)

“There are so many things I appreciate about working with Dani as a coach!  She is a stellar example of a great and ever-evolving human being. She is warm, caring, and genuinely loves what she does. She is passionate about her work and that enthusiasm permeates our sessions.

I like and admire how she integrates so many different perspectives, approaches, tools, philosophies and strategies, from her vast experience and knowledge, into our work together and she asks the hard questions. I take “key notes” during our sessions and go back and really try to think through the inquiries that she brings up for me. She helps me see myself from different perspectives and can expertly balance soft and tough love. She has a great sense of humor and is good at helping me laugh at myself – an all-important need! As well, she is skillful and adept at integrating references and suggestions of “outside work” for me to pursue if I wish.

Coaching has been very helpful to me in terms of appreciating what I have now and looking forward and committing (and re-committing!) to changing the things I can, in order to have the life I want – and better accepting the things I can’t change. Coaching with Dani has helped me take responsibility for my happiness and well-being – an empowering, and sometimes onerous, challenge!

I am now realizing that my life is about facing the endless challenges with courage and grace – and turning them all into opportunities for learning, growth, and self-improvement. What I am gradually absorbing from Dani through our continued relationship is the ability to become my own coach! I am on the way….”  Jennifer C., Senior Global Public Health Director – Brooklyn, NY (2008)

“What the heck do I need a coach for?  Why would I want to spend money that I think I don’t have, for someone to “tell” me what to do? After all, I am an adult and I’ve gotten this far without one.’ These are the statements that played around in my head every time some new, inexperienced “Life Coach” would approach me. What is this really – a buzzword for the decade, perhaps? I found it offensive. Then I met Dani.

What was different about her is that she didn’t pitch me, she was living life seemingly effortlessly. That’s what I wanted and I wanted to know how I too could have that so I approached her. Dani had a style of owning who she is and embracing her own greatness and that’s what I wanted in a professional setting. She understood me immediately; it was comfortable and challenging.

Within two months of working with Dani, I more than doubled my income (in the summer of  the 2010 economy!). AND, a situation I’d had with a colleague who I erroneously believed was adversarial, with Dani’s skilled prodding, I was able to see otherwise and they turned out to be my best ally. I could not have done any of this without Dani’s professionalism and spiritual experience. I am forever grateful for her ability to see what was in front of me that I failed to see for myself.

I highly recommend Shoot for the Stars Coaching and using Dani as the brilliant co-pilot.”  Maribel Arce, OSP Engineer – New York, NY (2010)

“I met Dani at a party in Venice, California. She was brimming with positivism and enthusiasm and, quite frankly, my discovery that she was a life coach almost inspired me to walk away from our conversation. I typically eschew coaching of any kind outside of sports. And I’d been enjoying my therapist’s company for three years already. Who needs “coaching”?

That said, I kept her card and ultimately contacted her. Why? Because I liked her. And she seemed smart and inspired, two things I revere highly. What I found is that working with Dani is like facing yourself and declaring, “You rule.” As a people-pleaser to the ends of the earth, I was constantly enervated by codependent, needy, addictive personalities around me and was eternally fearful of speaking my mind and making my own needs clearly known. This created a ton of self-doubt and anxiety. Working with Dani in just a few months, I began to trust in my own instincts and talents and discover my self-worth in a much-needed way. I’m now writing regularly and am no longer working for a succubus of an employer.

Dani is an amazingly soulful, kind, hilarious, engaged person. From our time together, I’ve become less afraid of risks, more peaceful, more self-accepting, and a significantly more grateful, happier person. She is a life-changer and I’m extremely lucky to have met her.”  R. Cox, writer – Venice, CA (2011)

“Working with Dani has been truly life-transforming for me. We started our first session over 5 months ago when I was really struggling with managing and keeping in balance my career, my family life, and my overall well-being. With Dani’s help I was able to overcome frequent anxiety, live a healthier and happier life, visualize my longer-term goals and be okay with occasional setbacks along the way.

Her recommendations of techniques, resources, and books have been so very interesting and extremely useful. Now, in less than half a year I’ve transitioned from a high-pressured job where I felt frustrated, anxious, and cornered in a place that I found difficult to bear (much less enjoy) to a lucrative career where I get to travel, use my skills and the breadth of my knowledge and my experience to the advantage as well as to the great appreciation of my clients.

The consulting company I’m working with flies my wife to me every weekend whenever I’m away from home, and we end up enjoying new and exciting locations together. Through Dani’s coaching, my wife and I grew closer together, became more in-tune with our goals, fears, and desires – and both of us have become much happier in our life and marriage.

I know I’ll continue working with Dani and recommending her to my friends and colleagues who are looking to overcome their fears and anxieties and live fuller and happier lives.” Gene S., Technology Director – New York, NY (2013)

“I don’t particularly believe in anything. I tried therapy once and, upon the decision to spend my hard-earned money on therapy or not, I opted to not. As I have been pursuing my career, living in NYC, and struggling to make ends meet, I run into Dani Rukin. “Wanna try Life Coaching?” she suggests. I thought, “Why not, I am unemployed and still fat” (but still had reservations).

After the first meeting, I was sucked in. And as we’ve been working together (for 6 months) I have found Strength where I didn’t know I had it, Determination that had been sleeping, and a desire for a better life that I kept hidden under a lifetime of self-deprecation and an inability to verbalize openly until I started working with Dani.

She is an excellent coach who has given me many tools to begin the process of unearthing so much of what has been lost to my own self. She has an ability to reflect what it is that I need to hear and gives the perfect amount of push and pull and, for me, what has been nothing but fulfilling and the beginning of a life-changing process. I can whole-heartedly say, I believe in Dani Rukin!” Julie Goldman, Comedian-Actress/Entertainment Mogul –  Los Angeles, CA (2007)

“Dani, I want to express my appreciation for the two years you have been my coach. I have thoroughly enjoyed, benefited from, and believe in the process of coaching. You are a gifted guide and were such the right person for me to be working with. I thank you SO much for all your time and attention, close listening, reflecting, inquiring, and on and on! I have felt supported through so many changes and realizations throughout our time together and I have so many tools to continue this work on my own, at least for now!

I am looking around at my beautiful home and thinking, “would this have come to be if I hadn’t been working with Dani?”. I’m not so sure! There is so much more to say, but since I know I will hopefully work with you again – at least in your workshops, or maybe even one-on-one, or in one of your coaching groups – so I won’t really say “goodbye”, just “THANK YOU” from the core of my being for all of your help and I hope to see you soon!”  J.B. – Brooklyn, NY (2006)

“First of all, as a direct result of working with Dani, my family, friends, colleagues and associates keep remarking how relaxed and happy I look! And, it gets better, Dani helped me learn to work through my frustrations and self-doubt so I could calmly and intentionally reach out to colleagues and associates who now have been generously helping me further my career goals, including one of my former Ivy League business school professors who began making personal introductions to highly respected business people on my behalf. As a result of all of my efforts, I recently received (and accepted!) an offer for an exciting new position that includes a 22% salary increase and involves one of my dreams: working with Chinese banks here in Manhattan – I am now going to be able to use my Mandarin which I schooled in for several years.

As well, trade association presidents are offering me speaking opportunities and I have become more active with my involvement with China and sustainable development, a long-held passion of mine which has been dormant for too long.

Coaching with Dani has allowed me to continually extend myself to people and be more engaged without resorting to my old habit of withdrawing when I encounter minor setbacks and the results have been extraordinary!”  Michael D., Federal Reserve Bank of NY – New York, NY  – Harvard Kennedy School graduate (2009)

“Working with Dani is like an emotional full-body massage. She has a gift for subtly coaxing the best version of me out of it’s protective shell, and what’s more, she somehow, magically, let’s ME find the answers myself – which is the only way a hard-headed, stubborn person like me can get anywhere.

My life is very full and the work I do requires constant travel and yet I am able to stay grounded and focused – and I attribute it all to the grounding nature of the work with Dani. Additionally, she has helped me clarify my largest – most ‘frightening’! – life goals and absolutely miraculous opportunities have materialized over the course of just a few months working with her.

Working with Dani has given me new eyes and a new perspective on my life. Our life coaching sessions give me a structure through which I understand my life, which enables me to focus and feel clearly, regardless of circumstances. During our sessions I can literally feel Dani’s positive energy creating space for me to process my emotions and struggles. Thank you, Dani, for all that you have given me and I look forward to all that’s to come!”  Seneca Miller, Artist/Community Organizer and Educator – Phoenix, AZ (2006)

“Dani is a miracle worker! And so wise. She has given me the positive outlet where I have been gaining a fresh, organic perspective and the motivation I have needed to break down my process and make the changes needed in order to feel more balanced and focused on my life purpose, all the while, achieving my goals along the way.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve lost 60 pounds, have run my first race, quit my unhappy job and am going back to school to realize my lifelong dream of being a chef? It’s true! I feel excited now when I wake up and can’t wait to see how things keep on as I shape the life I really have always wanted for myself. I have found my road to fulfillment – thank you so much, Dani, for your wonderful service – I could NOT have done any of this without you!!” Kris Feliz, NBC Universal – New York, NY (2006)

“All I can say is–wow! I just spent two hours with Dani on the phone, and I started out saying “I don’t know what I want to do with my life,” and finished the call brimming with ideas and excitement. Through a very revealing series of questions, Dani got me to really think about what I do in my life that makes me happy, and then showed me how I could possibly parlay that into a career. I really couldn’t believe that she could accomplish so much with me in such a short amount of time. Talk about someone who lives her passion–and that’s why she’s truly great at what she does. Wow.”  Sandie Bass, Santa Monica, CA (2014)

“It’s easy to get so caught up with day-to-day responsibilities and pressures that you lose sight of your long-term goals. I’ve found working with Dani to be incredibly valuable, because she keeps me focused on what I really want my life to look like. She helps me identify the steps I need to take to get there, and keeps me moving forward on a weekly basis. Instead of just griping and dreaming, I feel like I’m actively pursuing the life that I want.”  Louise Sloan, Content Strategist, Journalist, Author – Providence, RI (2009)

“At a crucial crossroads in my career, Dani provided exactly the help that I was looking for. Her experience and advice empowered me to negotiate the higher salary and title that I deserved. I’ve gained new perspectives, thanks to Dani, and find myself at ease in intimidating situations. Dani’s guidance not only helps solve short term goals, but provides a long-lasting foundation that I know will influence future ‘big decisions’.”  David Bratton, Senior Web Producer, MTV – New York, NY (2008)

“Dani, I just had one of the biggest agents in Hollywood contact me to let me know that he’s coming to see my show in January and I know, without a doubt, this is from your coaching.

I also want to take this opportunity to let you know that, as a result of our work together, I have had a complete breakthrough around tapping into my deepest dreams and then consciously going for it. Until now, I was letting self-created old ways of thinking and old stories run my life. Our work together has freed me to really see that anything is possible. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and the tools to move beyond my fear-based thinking. Sincerely, thank you and god bless you!!  J.S., Actress and Comedienne – Los Angeles, CA (2011)

“When I started working with Dani in January, my career was a “1” on her “1-10” satisfaction scale. Now, in December, it’s an amazing “10”! Every day I wake up excited to work on what’s been my lifelong passion while working with other talented and creative people. And, I get paid well for it and I’m being published regularly. Needless to say, we decided to create a “13”!!

Dani, your warmth and laughter, and always happy disposition, combined with your obvious expertise, has had such an impact on my life and I thank you so much for it. I look forward to working together in 2010!”  M.C., Fashion Photographer / Vine superstar & stop-motion extraordinaire  – New York, NY (2011)

“Dani, with great respect and thanks to you for making space for the gray and for shining, or helping me shine, light into my shadows. And with so much compassion and kindness. All I can say is thank you so much.”  S.B.M. (2006)

“As a result of working with Dani, I am getting a clearer sense of my priorities in my life and of the choices that I make. She has helped me notice, in a non-judgmental way, patterns that aren’t always helpful to me as I find new ways to prioritize time for myself, my health and well-being, my relationship, and my creativity. I am experiencing the benefits of slowing down and becoming more aware of what I really want. I am also trusting myself more and I’m even stopping to appreciate things more!

Coaching with Dani has helped and empowered me to decide to quit a business that was not feeding my soul. It was a huge decision and I am very glad I made it – and I’m not sure how I would have come to this place without the coaching process to help me along.

I am so impressed with her dedication to the process of life coaching – she is so caring and thoughtful and respectful of my process. Working with Dani I feel guided yet I know that I am the one who is responsible for my own happiness. I am amazed at how far I have come in just five months.

I am so moved by this process and how any, and every, bit of my life that I want to look at is worthy of examination. And, I know that whatever my struggles or dreams, Dani will help me clarify them and support me in resolving/achieving/being the person I want to be, as I journey toward creating the life I dream of living. THANK YOU, Dani!”  Jessica Ames, Sign Language Interpreter and Modern Dancer – Brooklyn, NY (2007)

“‘This or something better’ was the mantra Dani gave me that week. After months of searching, me and my husband had just lost out on a house we put an offer on and I was deflated. With Dani’s incredible coaching, I was reminded that when you’re tapping into the power of the Law of Attraction, it’s always this (thing, person, job, house, feeling, body) or something better. What you really want may be better than you originally visualized!

Two weeks later we found the house of our dreams, that was even better – better house, location, school, neighborhood…etc. To top if off, I found my Vision Board that I created a year and a half ago with Dani’s help…yes, the house I bought is strikingly similar to the pictures on my board. From the subway tile back splash, granite counter tops, white cupboards and antique pulls to the garden eating area…I had manifested what I had created even before moving to Denver! Dani’s powerful coaching and guidance has been an extremely important force in my life!!”  K.M., Marketing Manager and franchise business owner – Denver, CO (2011)

“The first thing I noticed about Dani is that she seems to be lit from within. She’s connected to herself, and by working with her you can’t help but connect with that brightness inside of you, too. Dani is grounded and warm, she’s a cheerleader and a problem-solver, with a sweet but tough wisdom that moves mountains. Working with Dani has given me a deeper understanding of who I am. She has given me the tools to feel connected to my inner strengths and outer dreams. Time spent with Dani is priceless, she has an extraordinary gift to empower and transform your life. I definitely got what I came for!”  Fleur L., internationally renowned author/business owner – Venice, CA (2014)

“In the one year that I have been working with Dani, I have seen important changes that have subtly woven themselves into the fabric of my consciousness. One of the ways that she has been particularly skillful is by engaging with me on one of my healthiest coping strategies – that of humor. She easily picks up on the way that I use humor in my life, and comes up with feedback that can have us both in stitches, giving me even more tools to fight my sabotaging voices.

A major area of growth, and a seemingly very difficult goal that I had set for myself  that I met with Dani’s help was to finally, and for good, end an extremely destructive relationship that had caused me great pain for years. My baseline feeling, at this time in my life, is that I no longer feel that I have to accept that things/I will never change and I credit Dani for having a significant role in this genesis.”  A.G., Nutritionist – Brooklyn, NY (2009)

“Dani has been wonderful.  Not only has she helped me unlock my full potential, she has helped me unblock my creativity to pick up the pace with my writing again.  She has helped me see my full path as a professional writer.  I highly recommend Dani to anyone who is feeling stuck anywhere in their life.”  Vanessa Braud, Writer – Los Angeles, CA (2010)

“Dani, I cannot thank you enough for the session you did with me and the invaluable work that you do. As a professional clinical social worker in the field for over 12 years, I was so impressed with your skills: your gentle, probing manner (seems like an oxymoron and yet this is truly your gift), soothing voice, the light-hearted approach and ease with which you were able to help me pinpoint and deeply investigate the issues surrounding what seemed like a fairly straightforward and concrete problem for me: the clutter in my apartment.

I loved your ability to laugh with me as we tackled some unexpectedly painful topics that emerged, while keeping me honest and on track. And also your obvious, exuded respect for the client as the expert on his/her own feelings, motivations, etc. I noticed how this, plus your flexibility of mind and deftness of craft, enabled you to truly hear, accept, and incorporate what I had to say and respond accordingly, even to modify some of your conclusions and approaches as need arose. These things showed me the depths of your skill and selfless commitment to your client.

I also marvel at your ability to make important connections between the themes that emerged and to extract the ideas that were most useful to me in the task of helping me extricate myself from a pattern that has been long in the making. Relatedly, and perhaps most impressive, was your ability to take all the information provided and use it in the most practical way possible, leaving me with some tools with which I could begin the work of change immediately. When I hung up the phone with you, I cleaned off my dining room table–the area that has been the most trouble for me and, as I mentioned, perfect microcosm of the larger problem–in record time and with ridiculous ease.

I know that one session cannot magically cure a deeply ingrained habit with many psychological components, and yet the fact that our conversation helped me to do so this once, gives me a stunning example of what is possible. I want you to know that I will highly and enthusiastically recommend you to others! My sincerest thanks and appreciation for your talent and nurturing heart.”  Paige Polisner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist, New York, NY (2008)

“I love working with Dani. She has very lovingly helped me to get unstuck from old patterns of thought and habits of living that were producing the same old results, despite all my previous efforts. My work with Dani has helped me become aware of and manage the self-sabotaging thoughts that have been getting in the way of me taking the necessary risks to live my life fully. I feel like I know myself so much better and this has allowed me to make choices that are bringing me closer to having the things I want in my life rather than just wishing for things to be different and waiting for things to change – wishing and waiting wasn’t working!”  Eugenia Silveira, The Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Management Group – San Francisco, CA (2008)

[Testimonial from someone I gave a complimentary sample coaching session to as a gift. Since this session, she has relocated from New York to become legal counsel in foreign affairs for Senator Lautenberg in Washington, DC – she’s ecstatic]:

“Thank you, Dani, for what was definitely my best birthday present! Meeting with you has really gotten me thinking about what I want and doing a lot of self evaluation. I’ve gotten up early every day and done yoga, reading, writing and then meditate/thought. It’s been really great – (though challenging to focus at times). I’ve definitely talked you up to lots of folks and really think you are doing great work – I will definitely keep doing so!!”  Andi F.,  International  Women’s Right’s Advocate, Harvard Law School graduate, Washington, DC (2009)

“I simply have to put the most important thing first – Dani is the best you can ask for, personally and professionally.

I met Dani at our CUNY school’s computer science job fair in early 2004. Like hundreds of soon-to-graduate students, I only spent a few minutes with her. Months later, when I walked into her office, surprisingly, she remembered me.  She kept me in the loop of the software development field and invited me to industry-related events in order to help develop myself professionally.

She then put me in her organization’s (the New York Software Industry Association) 6 month intensive Microsoft Networking and Systems training program in order to help me take my technical skills to the next level. In May 2004, she presented my resume to the New York Road Runners (NYRR) who were looking for a full-time Desktop Specialist to support the organization’s 60+ users, including providing extensive tech support in Central Park for their annual NYC Marathon!

Two interviews later, right out of college, I got my first full-time job offer. However, I was also in the process of joining the U.S. Army and I wasn’t sure what to do. Fortunately, I talked to Dani – she listened to my concerns, put herself in my position and explained to me how I might go about making what was a very difficult decision for me at the time. I left her office with no doubt at all.

Now, 3 years later, I couldn’t be happier for the direction I went: I am now NYRR’s Systems Programmer – I love the work I do and the people I work with and I often wonder where I would be, had I not had the opportunity to work with Dani.”  Lue Chen, Senior Systems Programmer, New York Road Runners – New York, NY (2007)

“What touches me most about working with Dani isn’t just her amazing organizational skills when it comes to keeping me on track and her laser ability to keep the focus on me in a strong and loving way, but the tender, sweet, sweet way that she holds my “big agenda” and really convinced me that I truly am deep in her heart with her in this work. She leads me deep into my heart space and I thank her so much.”  Mark Bednar, Somatic Healing Practitioner and Coach, CMT, CSB – New York, NY (2007)

TESTIMONIAL to having “skin in the game”:

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games, 26 times. I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”  Michael Jordan, former Basketball Player, NBA – Unites States of America