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The Leadership Circle: changing the global leadership mind

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a comprehensive 360 leadership assessment for executives and team members within any organization. Each of the Leadership Circle Profile 360’s is designed to allow each member to take a deeper and richer look into their individual creative competencies and reactive tendencies.

This instrument and associated investment for assessing and developing any member of a team as leaders will be invaluable for preparing them for whatever comes their way. As the saying goes, “Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders every time.” 

Individual Assessments: The Leadership Circle Profile™  

Developing effective leaders within any organization starts with giving each leader a comprehensive and easy to understand picture of how their closest coworkers currently experience their leadership. A true breakthrough among 360 degree assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile provides this picture better than any other instrument available today. The survey is administered online and is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior. 

Ultimately, the comprehensive results provided by the Leadership Circle Profile quickly and clearly highlight how improvement in one or two leadership qualities can have an exponential impact on the leader’s effectiveness. 

Ratings for each leader on competencies and tendencies are reported in terms of their comparison to our global statistical database. 

The Leadership Circle Profile: 

  • Accelerates Development — Instantly reveals key opportunities for your leaders’ development without requiring reading through reams of documentation. The Leadership Circle Profile enables a leader to start with a targeted breakthrough focus, rather than spending months trying to reach one. 
  • Is more than just an assessment – the rich theoretical underpinnings of the profile provide a pathway to transformation. No other tool offers this. 
  • Seasoned consultants and coaches consistently report that Leadership Circle Profile enables them to have their most productive sessions. They agree it is the most powerful 360 for leadership, while being remarkably easy to use and to understand. 

By deploying the Leadership Circle Profile, your organization will receive a faster return on the investment you are making in your leaders because the instrument drives a more focused development plan and quicker results.

People have the power to create their lives just as they want them to be – consistent with their vision. The process starts with creating a vision. This typically involves objectives that reach into both the leader’s business and personal environments. Next we help them become clear on the current reality. This is greatly influenced by the feedback from the Leadership Circle Profile. The gap between the leader’s vision and their current reality is the structure of Creative Tension. There are three ways that Creative Tension can be released. One is to relax and let go of the vision, so that they are left with only current reality. Second, they can deceive themselves about the current reality by denying, ignoring, distorting, or misrepresenting it – leaving them with vision but no structure to create it. Third is to create the vision they want to achieve. It is this third way of releasing Creative Tension upon which the leader and coach will focus during their individual coaching sessions. 

Ongoing Team Development: The Collective Leadership Assessment™

The Collective Leadership Assessment is a tool that gives a powerful litmus analysis on the collective leadership within organizations. It essentially provides an MRI of your leadership culture to help determine where there is natural leadership energy and where there might be a hindering of unified growth. Through confidential individual assessments of various staff members, including all individuals on any given team, you will gain insight on your current actual leadership culture and compare that reality to the ideal culture everyone desires, which is also surveyed.

The gap will instantly reveal key opportunities for any team which, if desired, can be further developed and explored with a day-long offsite (given the current pandemic, this experience is now offered virtually). The day-long produces immediate results for teams – filled with trust and bonding exercises, daring conversations, and engaging with our Collective Leadership mat. The Collective Leadership Assessment and accompanying day-long is designed to be a strategic time-out to allow teams to take a deeper and richer look into their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses while also developing the team to move forward in new ways together. 

Every team will come away from the offsite equipped with specific tools, an individual and group action plan, and an innovative, personalized framework for moving forward. 


How leaders benefit from The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 assessment, Leadership Circle Profile Group Report & The Collective Leadership Assessment

  • Better preparation to confront challenges, both personnel and operational.
  • Visibility to the leadership actions that both drive and impede their results.
  • Greater focus and productivity from themselves and their direct reports.
  • Greater ability to create an inspired culture in their part of the organization and to positively enhance the culture of the overall organization.
  • Greater ability to engage effectively with their direct reports, peers, boss (if applicable), and internal and external customers.

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