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The Power of Imagination and Intention

“When I grow up I am going to draw and paint pictures. I am going to be an Artist. I will bring my pictures to art shows all over the world. I will bring them to ships and let men bring them across the world. I will take my stuff like paints pencils and paper with me almost wherever I go. I will make alot of money. I will be famous. I will draw people. I like art. I hope people will remember me as an artist.” ~Tracy, 3rd grade

[Tracy Kachtick-Anders is a Painter, Doula, a mother of six, and Rosie O’Donnell’s girlfriend. She is also the Director of Open Arms Campaign, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recruitment of foster and adoptive families.]

Now here’s a kid who allowed herself to imagine and follow her heart, no matter what, and she then proceeded to live the life of her dreams. There are no limits when you aren’t old enough to make up stories that there are. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t encounter hardship, disappointment, loss, and failure along the way – this is the human journey – but what she did do is stay true to her values and passions and she is living the life of her dreams, as a result.

What are your dreams and what are you going to do about living them, TODAY?

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